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Quality: Our No. 1 Concern

Since its inception in 1965, Modulex International inc. has made quality construction its main priority. In 1980, we signed the Quebec government’s Quality Charter, and over the years we have established a genuine culture of quality in everything we do. Today, these principles underlie our approach, and push us to further improve influencing our work on a daily basis.

ModulexTM homes meet our uncompromising standards, whether they are built in Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. Every home leaving our plant bears the “Qualitas ModulexTM” seal, a testament to our precise manufacturing standards. Modulex International inc. is equipped with an online quality control system that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world in order to ensure that all our teams meet the same quality standards. Modulex International inc. staff around the globe are therefore instantly aware of any changes.

Modulex International inc. obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2005 and adapted the management system to all our business processes. The close cooperation of everyone involved in the quality system has enabled us to optimize efficiency in every ModulexTM department as well as enhance the value of our products. Result: Our house production preparation time has been reduced from one week to 24 hours, while quality standards continue to improve.

Your Dream, Step by Step

At Modulex International inc., every stage of production plays a key role in building your dream home. Discover why ModulexTM homes come so highly rated.

A Production Overview, Stage by Stage

Customer demand management involves :

  • Annual pricing
  • Identifying customer requirements
  • Providing estimates
  • Making submissions

Plan design includes

  • Drawing architectural plans to meet various building codes throughout the world
  • Inspecting them using a clearly defined checklist
  • Updating all building codes

Engineering and shop drawings define the practices developed by Modulex International inc. over the past 40 years for floor, wall, and roof truss design. This stage is also crucial to beam and column calculations as well as the parametering of all home drawings into one single 3D assembly drawing for full integration of the building. Integration is a vital step in validating the cohesion of designs supplied by various technicians and engineers. The engineer also supervises all load transfers and eliminates the risk of interference on the building site.

Purchase management, reception, and inventory management handle

  • Supplier assessments
  • Invoicing
  • Receipt of goods
  • Updating the inventory

Planning and personalized order tracking oversee plant and site production, comparing estimated production time with actual production time on a daily basis. This stage also includes all communication between project managers and customers, from the very first call welcoming a new customer to the satisfaction survey at the very end.

Production management controls

  • Manufacturing units (floors, walls, roof trusses, cabinets, etc.)
  • Work instructions
  • Inspections in compliance with ModulexTM quality

Human resources management covers

  • Staff selection and recruitment
  • Employee evaluations and training

Loading and shipping comprises all logistical activities, including

  • Container packing
  • Customs clearance
  • Load planning
  • Transportation subcontracts
  • Load verification
  • Photographing each trailer or container shipment
  • Work instructions and inspections required in compliance with Modulex International inc. quality standards

Preventive maintenance manages corrective and preventive machinery, tool, and rolling stock maintenance.

After-sales service takes care of all requests once a home has been delivered. Each call is indexed using software to describe the problem and assigned to the appropriate representative, who then ensures that it is processed. Our system has been honed to perfection, ensuring that every request is systematically dealt with, analyzed, and corrected as quickly as possible.

Our measuring and monitoring instruments keep a close eye on the accuracy and calibration of all measuring tools used to produce or construct your home on site (measuring tapes, squares, lasers, vernier scales, etc.).

IT and infrastructure processes involve :

  • Back up our servers daily
  • Regularly update our antivirus software
  • Manage the licenses of the software we use

Documentation and recording save internal and external ModulexTM documents in the company’s system by number and creation date.

Noncompliance management requires each employee to issue a notice of noncompliance whenever a product does not comply with the quality standards set out in the work instructions. Quality inspectors then analyze each case of noncompliance immediately and correct it. The incident is also recorded in a system for periodic analysis. In the event of a recurrent noncompliance, our quality circle steps in to correct its cause as quickly as possible.

Corrective and preventive action means that all employees can go through the system to ask to have a process, activity, document, or work instruction improved. All requests are analyzed by our quality director and dealt with by those responsible to ensure that the problem is resolved permanently.

An internal audit is carried out twice a year. Internal auditors, under the supervision of the quality director, assess procedural and operational compliance in all company departments. This allows us to identify any differences between quality system procedures and work actually performed. In the event of a discrepancy, the department head is invited to take steps to ensure compliance or adjust departmental processes as quickly as possible.

A management review takes place every year. Senior management meets to take stock of the performance indicators for each department. They also check that targets have been met for the previous year and outline those for the year to come.